GF Denver

Want to find the best gluten free in Denver?  Search no further! I have put together a large gluten free Denver guide to make your travels and time in Colorado much simpler.

Denver is an incredible city, with endless options of things to do and see!  With the accessibility of the mountains near by too, you are sure to have endless outdoor options up your sleeve.  Colorado truly is an enormous playground that is yours for the taking.  Make sure and see some of the beautiful sites such as Red Rocks Amphitheater to catch a concert, a workout, or simply to marvel in this breathtaking place.  There really is nothing like it.

Call me biased, but Denver is where I call home. Denver has an amazing gluten free scene and is constantly growing as the city continues to explode.  If you have suggestions to add to the list, please email me.

As always, eating out is risky for those of us with celiac disease, and most of these eateries do not have separate gluten free kitchen spaces, so use your best judgement when going out to eat and ask lots of questions.

RESTAURANts IN Denver, Colorado in alphabetical order

Raspberry Chocolate Donut from Beet Box


Beet Box
Beet Box is a from-scratch vegan bakery on a quest to make the most delicious and inventive cakes, pastries, and breads from whole ingredients.  It is by far my favorite place in Denver to grab a gluten free donut.  It They are fresh, delicious, and you would never ever know you are eating gluten free.  Call me crazy, but that’s how it should be!  No need for crumbly, stale tasting gluten free products anymore.  So stock up on donuts and anything else your heart desires at this fantastic bakery.

Dragon Fruit Bowl from Berriegood Co.


Berriegood Co.
Call me biased, but my friend Kali owns Berrigood.  She’s a kickass business owner, sweet as can be, and powerhouse.  If you don’t know her, you should.  Berrigood is Denver’s first açaí superfruit cafe located in Denver’s charming South Pearl shopping district.  I know once you taste the açaí or a pitaya (dragon fruit) bowl, you will be as hooked as I am.  The color.  The taste.  The people.  You will keep going back and back for more!

City O’ City
City O’City is pretty much a dream come true for us gluten free folks.  They can make so much of their menu gluten free!  When I lived in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Denver, I frequented this establishment.  Have the gluten free waffles.  And the breakfast tacos – hold the eggs for me!

GF Crepe from Crepes n’ Crepes

Crepes n’ Crepes
I absolutely adore crepes.  It reminds me of the few trips I have taken to France and my pre-celiac diagnosis days.  Although I know it has gotten much easier in France to be gluten free, my initial trip to Paris was not as simple many years ago to simply walk up to a street vendor and grab a gluten free crepe.  This is why I love places like Crepes n’ Crepes.  You don’t feel discriminated against because you have to be gluten free and your crepe will be subpar.  Fear not, it will be absolutely as delicious as the glutenous folks!

Cuba Cuba

Cuba Cuba
I love Cuban food and didn’t realize how much I loved it until several years ago when I discovered Cuba Cuba for the first time.  They have since expanded and have several locations where you can enjoy their authentic Cuban food. Their place in the Golden Triangle neighborhood is my favorite and where you can enjoy their amazing location within the most quaint, old house ever.  The servers are knowledgeable, friendly, and ensure you know what you can and cannot eat.  One of the last times I was in, the owner personally came over and chatted with our large group and made us feel extremely welcome.  The main bummer I have with this place is they do not have a dedicated gluten free fryer so if you are celiac, you probably won’t want to risk it to eat the plantains. But, it is not enough of a hindrance to keep me away, because their food is so stinkin’ good.  Have a mojito or three for me, while you’re at it.

Korean food at Dae Gee

Dae Gee
Dae Gee is great! They have 4 locations in the Denver Metro area and have their menu clearly marked for GF. As always, many restaurants cannot guarantee it is 100% safe, so make sure and talk to your server. They have an unlimited BBQ option if you are up for that!  I also recommend the kimchee or the galbee tang (sans egg for me!) I definitely pigged out at their restaurant prior to moving to Korea!  I can definitely say I will be returning to this restaurant often as I will need my share of Korean food, once I am back stateside.

Outside of Deby’s Gluten Free

Deby’s Gluten Free
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit this place! As a 100% gluten free establishment, you will have ZERO worries when grabbing food from here. Deby’s Gluten Free products are also found in many restaurants around town, so make sure and check out their website.  My favorites are their donuts, their bagels, or their cinnamon rolls – so many options! For those of you that aren’t used to options (I understand, we are often used to only picking between a handful of items), but bring your appetite and maybe your cooler, so that you can stock up on your favorite goods!

Etai’s (which is the name change of Udi’s, which you are probably familiar with) is always an easy choice for me.  They specialize in gluten free options, so I know it will be easy to find something!  They have numerous locations through the Denver area, so chances are you can easily find one close to wherever you are.  Try the roasted beet salad or any of their sandwiches on gluten free bread!

The Gluten Escape
Bring your appetite and some grocery bags or a cooler to store the goods you will buy at this place!  You will not be hungry and your waist line might grow by a few inches.  It probably will grow by a few inches, but you belong to the gym, right?  I promise you that if you live far away from The Gluten Escape, it will be well worth the drive, so don’t let the distance from where you are intimate you.  You will thank yourself for showing up!

Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie from Gluten Free Things

Gluten Free Things
This place will definitely make you happy as it is a dedicated gluten free and vegan bakery in Arvada, CO.  No risk of cross contamination here!  Their bread is something I absolutely love and something I would have discovered sooner in my life, that’s for sure.  Make sure an buy an extra loaf, an extra cookie, an extra everything really, because you’ll be sad when you’ve gotten home and half your items are already eaten.  Oh, that’s just me?  Doubtful.

Holidaily Available in Cans or Check out Their Brewery in Golden

Holidaily Brewing Company 
Although technically Holidaily is in Golden, Colorado, you can find their beer now throughout the city.  It is a dedicated 100% gluten free brewery that has become my favorite! For the longest time gluten free beer truly tasted terrible.  To me, there was no point in even drinking it.  You might as well have wine.  Well, Holidaily is changing that and their beers are sure to be loved by your gluten loving friends as well! Make sure you also pay them a visit in beautiful Golden.  You can read about all the dedicated gluten free breweries in the USA here.

The best paleo burrito from Just BE Kitchen

Just Be Kitchen
This place will make your heart happy!  And if it doesn’t.  Well…perhaps you need a mega look inward…just saying.  This little 100% Paleo cafe holds fantastic energy and will light up your insides with good for you food.  The mega burrito is exactly what the doctor ordered if I do say so myself.  You might stare at your options for a very long time, since they are endless.  But whatever you choose, it will be worth it!

Sugar overload with this GF cookie sandwich at Glacier with Kim & Jake’s Cookies

Kim and Jake’s Gluten Free
Kim and Jake’s is a certified gluten free bakery in Boulder.  They have absolutely divine baked goods, that you will not want to miss! Their products can be found in various places throughout Boulder, including grocery stores now throughout Colorado!  One of my favorites was finding their cookies making up my ice cream sandwich at Glacier Homemade Ice Cream after a 12 mile hike one day in Boulder.  It was the perfect end to my soon to be sore legs!  Sugar rush!

Best truffle fries from Larkburger

Craving a burger on a gluten free bun that doesn’t suck?  Head to Larkburger, because you are in luck!  These buns are super tasty and don’t completely fall apart on you.  Love truffle fries?  All that grated Parmesan, Italian parsley, and truffle oil?  Me too.  What’s even better?  No shared frier, so your fry dreams can come true! Some of the best truffle fries in the city, I think!  Make sure to bring your appetite, and you will be happy you did!

Linger is a favorite of mine in the summer for the rooftop or anytime it is nice out in Denver (which PS, is often! But don’t tell anyone I told you because it case you weren’t aware, we have a crazy, overcrowded, Denver has exploded, population problem!)  Linger is delightful!  Their menu is extremely GF friendly. Check out their sesame BBQ tacos, roasted beet salad, or the green chili enchiladas.  Honestly, I have never had a bad meal there, so check out just about anything on the menu. Weather permitting, I’ll meet you on the rooftop!

Delicious greens on a sunny day in Colorado from MAD Greens

MAD Greens
I love this place for a quick salad.  Traveling?  No problemo!  They have locations in Utah, Arizona, and Texas as well.  Choose your salad to customize or opt for the already created salad if you are haaaaannngry and can’t make one more single decision in your day – are you with me?  They’ve got you covered for gluten free options as they are a plenty in this place! Two of my faves: the Pomona and the Don Quixote.

Favorite combo of salad + pizza at Modern Market

I grew up on what is now Panera.  Back in the day, Panera was St. Louis Bread Co in the good ole STL.  The original establishment was actually minutes away from my house growing up.  It was a staple for high school life.  It was one of the first establishments that I can remember that was fast and relatively healthy.  ModMarket is by far one of my favorite “fast food” establishments in Denver.  To say I haven’t had fast food in decades is probably true.  But ModMarket, I could eat every day.  The gluten free options abound, along with a seasonal rotating menu so if you are like me and go as often as humanly possible, you will continue to have new options.  I worked downtown for 4 and a half years and my office was directly next to the ModMarket on 16th Street Mall.  It was deliciously dangerous.  I nearly cried tears of joy the day that ModMarket overtook the McDonalds and not only did the riffraff of the mall change on this corner, but the food got one ridiculously massive upgrade!

This place is seriously wonderful! This place is 100% Paleo and everything is amazing.  My soul comes alive in coffee shops, so I adore the atmosphere of this place.  Bring your laptop and stay awhile.  Or bring a friend and catch up in such a cute spot in the Santa Fe Art District.  Try a bullet proof coffee, or a delicious salad.  Their cookies, brownies, muffins, and granola are all made from scratch in house and are gluten and grain free.  Music to your ears, I know!

Olive & Finch
This is such a cute little spot on 17th Street!  If you haven’t been to 17th Street in Denver, add it to your list.  Better yet, rent a B-cycle and bike the whole area with a food tour of this great area.  Olive & Finch actually has two locations now – one in Cherry Creek and one on 17th in Uptown.  Their salads are incredible.  Seriously, head with a friend or significant other and make a day out of food hopping.  Cherry Creek and Uptown are actually both terrific neighborhoods for this!

The bread.  Seriously, the bread at Panzano is out of this world.  I double dog dare you to bring a non-GF date or a friend and order the gluten free bread while said person is in the bathroom and I guarantee you said person won’t have a clue.  It is that good.  Another thing that is that good, is their brussel sprouts.  They make them with the thinest sliced apples around and oh my goodness are they to die for.  I can’t go there and not eat them.  They are for reals like crack.

Parsley does sandwiches right!

Perhaps my favorite cafe to grab a sandwich in town.  The fig and brie sandwich might be something I dream about.  Not kidding.  It’s that good.  For awhile, I used to try to recreate the sandwich at home, but truly there was no point.  Might as well head to Parsley and get it there, because as much as I love the sandwich, I also love the cafe.   The ambiance is one that I adore and could sit in for hours on end, with or without my fig and brie gluten free sandwich.

The Pig & The Sprout
This fabulous spot located right next to Union Station is a total treat.  Since I have moved away, they have also opened their patio.  Hello summer season in Denver!  Andy, the owner, is an absolute gem and the restaurant can make almost anything on their menu gluten free.  Their Brussel sprouts and chicken wings are some of my absolute faves. Make sure and bring your appetite and some pals, because many of their plates are made for sharing!

Love quinoa oh so much from Protein Bar

Protein Bar and Kitchen
There are several locations now throughout Colorado (and Chicago and D.C. too).  This place is great to pop into and get a quick meal.  I love their salads and their quinoa bowls.  Most things on the menu can be made gluten free, which is obviously fantastic! They have breakfast as well, but I have yet to make it in for the most important meal of the day.  Let me know how it tastes, if you go!

Quiero Arepas
Never had an arepa?  You’re killing me.  You need to.  If I could be a Quiero Arepas ambassador or dress up as an arepa and be a cheerleader outside of their food truck or at Avanti, I would be.  One of my first loves in Denver.  For reals.  One summer at Civic Center Eats, I went every single week to get an arepa and they all knew me by name.  Those were the real VIP days.  This place started as a food truck, but now has expanded to include a storefront in the fantastic Avanti collective food space in the Highlands.  I love a good food truck day in Denver, so it is hard for me to choose which location is best.  Avanti boasts some of the absolute best views of Denver from the rooftop, so add it to your list of places to visit!

Tacos are my love language from R Tacos

R Taco
I’m obsessed with tacos.  Any day of the week.  Any time of day.  You name it.  I’ll eat a taco.  R Taco helps my taco dreams live on.  They have corn tortillas and loads of options to fill up your bad boy corn taco with.  Another bonus, they have multiple locations both in Colorado and in Texas, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Iowa.  You too can have your taco dreams come true when you grab some cheap and delicious tacos from R Taco!

What’s not to love about GF pancakes by Revelry Kitchen


Revelry Kitchen
This brunch spot in West Denver is so worth it.  The space is small so you may have to wait.  I promise your pancakes and hash and everything will be worth it.  I am in love with the ambiance of this place.  The inside.  The outside.  They are both adorable and worth your time.  Most of the menu is gluten free friendly, which is music to any celiacs ears especially when it comes to brunch!  I’m a non egg goer, so I’m always uber appreciative of pancakes and waffles done right.

Pastries for daaaaaays at Rheinlander Bakery in Arvada

Rheinlander Bakery
This German bakery located in historic Olde Town Arvada is such a treat.  Rheinlander Bakery offers the largest selection of gluten free/dairy free and sugar free pastries, cakes, and cupcakes in the US!  The service is top notch and I think Olde Town Arvada is one of the cutest growing areas.  Just wait till the light rail actually works, and you’re all set!  Every time I go in, I honestly have such a hard time deciding what to buy because everything is so scrumptious!

Root Down
This incredible restaurant  focuses on sustainable practices for its food sources and the quality of the food completely over delivers in my opinion.  It is one of the best meals you will have in town.  Root Down is located in the Highlands neighborhood has since expanded to Denver International Airport.  No time to make it out of the airport? No problem!  They have got your back.  Do yourself a solid and head to the C Terminal even if you aren’t flying Southwest.  You will thank me from your airplane seat.

Snooze by far is the most well known brunch spot in town.  Prepare ye self to wait for your mouth watering food.  Good news is that there are now more locations than ever before!  It’s hard for me to choose which location is my favorite, or which food is my favorite but I do have a thing for Union Station.  The yellow coffee mugs at Snooze are some of my faves and make me feel right at home.  Self served coffee is available while you wait for those to die for gluten free pancakes.  Make sure and ask about the pancake of the day.  Generally they can make their pancakes gluten free, but occasionally some aren’t so lucky to make the gluten free batch.  Insider tip: order one pancake and you can have something else as well, like a side or a small bite to share with a friend.

Stem Ciders
What could be better in life than delicious cider, outdoor picnic tables, and board games?  Stem ciders is a favorite hang out place of mine and such a perfect spot when the weather is nice.  RiNo (River North Art District) has truly blown up in the last few years and the taproom at Steam Ciders has it going on.  I have spent many a Sundays drinking around RiNo and Stem Ciders is always on the list for celiacs and non-celiacs alike.  You can also find their cider in cans!

Hard to beat Torchy’s queso

Torchy’s Tachos
I could slurp on the queso at Torcy’s for hours.  No shame.  It is that good.  I love Torchy’s for its gluten free menu and all the taco options.  Have I mentioned my taco obsession?  It’s the real deal.  Like feed me tacos every single day for a month and I will still crave all the tacos in the world.  Never, ever, ever gets old.  Plus, there are locations in Texas and Oklahoma too, so if you find yourself there, you will not find yourself missing Torchy’s!

Bowl of goodness at Vitality Bowls in Cherry Creek North


Vitality Bowls
The açaí train is here to stay in my opinion and Vitality Bowls does not disappoint.  Located in Cherry Creek North, this bowl location is perfect for a mid-morning snack or a lunch date.  Their bowls are bigger than your face and include any number of delicious superfoods that will inevitably make you smarter as you eat it.  Most of their bowls can be made gluten free, so you can relax, and focus on the good things in life!

A Celiac’s dream comes true at Yellowbelly Chicken

Yellowbelly Chicken
Drop whatever you are doing right now and go to this place.  For reals.  I didn’t know this place existed for the longest time and I nearly screamed the first time I discovered it.  Your non-gluten free friends will never know the distance as they eat across from you on their gluten free fried chicken.  Yes, damn straight.  Gluten free fried chicken all around!  All the chicken is GF and a good chunk of their sides are as well.  They have 3 locations: Vail, Boulder, and Aurora – at Stanley Marketplace.

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