GF St. Louis

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  • Lion’s Choice
  • New Day Gluten Free
  • Pi Pizzeria
  • Ted Drewes

Lion’s Choice
This was one of my favorite places growing up for their famous roasted beef sandwiches.  They have the best seasoning and tasty fries!  To my surprise, they now do an amazing gluten free presentation!  The bun comes wrap separately so that there is no cross contamination and their fryers are 100% safe.  You simply have to put your little sandwich together, and off you go on your way to eat your delicious gluten free roasted beef!  Check out their website for what they have to say about GF!  They even mention that staff will change their gloves and that the bun is served separately.  How wonderful!

New Day Gluten Free
This will be one of your best friends when you go to St. Louis!  Seriously.  You will not want to leave or you will want to go back every day on your visit, since this place is 100% gluten free!  I don’t know about you, but when I travel and am eating out a lot I often get a bit skeptical if I am going to get glutened.  You will feel completely safe and enjoy every moment of your trip to this wonderful cafe!  They have signs on the door that you may not bring in outside food.

Eat ALL the food.  I mean seriously.  You can eat everything, so why not go crazy?!  I mean, you must have some kind of cupcake or cookie.  Do it!  I had a carrot cake cupcake that was absolutely delicious.  I also tried the german chocolate cupcake that was delicious.

Pi Pizzeria
You will love Pi!  They have really delicious gluten free pizza.  Since going gluten free, this has been a place I have visited many times on my trips back to St. Louis.  They have deep dish pizza for those in your life that can have gluten.  (Sidebar – see my Chicago gluten free guide for deep dish GF pizza).  Their salads at Pi are also amazing and I love to enjoy a salad with my pizza when I eat here.  Balance the pizza with some greens, right?

Ted Drewes
Anyone that grew up in St. Louis will certainly know Ted Drewes!  This famous frozen custard stand has been serving custard for over 80 years!  It is without a doubt one of the staples of St. Louis summer, but you can hit it year round.  They have two locations and you can count on people waiting in line regardless of the time of year.  This place is efficient though, so do not be fooled by the lines!  It will go quickly.  I absolutely love custard, but personally have always gotten the mini size, as it is big enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.  Pineapple is my favorite!