GF Nassau, Bahamas

The Bahamas is a magical, beautiful place.  The sunsets were some of the best I have seen!

However, it is not the most GF friendly place.  If you have the chance to go, do it.  You will not regret it.  You will figure out food and make it.  If you want to spend a lot of money, you will absolutely be fine as I saw this gem of Udi’s muffins at the grocery store for the low, low price of only $11.81?!?! Yes, you are reading that correctly.  But if you want gluten free muffins, you can certainly have them!

They definitely have a LOT of fried food.  I was able to eat fine though and navigate my way through with a little creativity and grocery store shopping.  I definitely brought some Larabars with me in my bag, just in case for the ease of snacks!

Restaurant SUGGESTIONS in Nassu, Bahamas



If you like FRESH fruit as much as I do, you will love this place!

It is a cute little stop with indoor and outdoor seating. You can get daiquiris with or without rum, so even if drinking is not your thing, make sure and have a fresh, delicious, and refreshing drink while you are on the island!  If rum is your thing, you will be super happy that you chose this spot!  The bartenders are the best.  Chris was wonderful!!  I went on two occasions and also got to celebrate part of my birthday at this awesome location!

It is by a cute little market, so you can get your drink to go if you would like as well and walk around and look at the market.


This was right next door to the condo we stayed at for the first part of our trip in Nassau.  It is seriously the cutest little place ever with the friendliest staff! They definitely did not have many options – in fact they only had ONE gluten free option, which was a salad.  But it was absolutely delicious! Just make sure and order it without the pie and it will be gluten free.  There is a great spot to sit outside and enjoy the amazing VIEW, which is right on the ocean.  So get your food and your coffee and step outside.  You will be glad that you did!


The Poop Deck is another cute spot right off the water. We went to the Sandyport location, since we were staying a nice little walk away! We had happy hour there and I highly recommend it for the view too! I only had a drink there and an appetizer. I do not know if the appetizer was even on the menu, because they brought it outtousforfree! Itwasa delicious ceviche taco/tostilla dish. Yum!


Twisted Lime has two locations. We tried the Sandyport location, which has a great outdoor patio seating area. I had the ribs, which the waiter guaranteed me were gluten free. Make sure and get them without the fried onions on them, or they will not be gluten free! I was with another gluten free friend, and she had a delicious looking burger without a bun and said it was amazing! Other members of our party also had really yummy looking salads.