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A Life of Happenstance
Jennifer was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, which is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation and ulcers in your digestive tract.  Her doctor kept telling her that what she ate didn’t matter, but she was determined to get healthy after being hospitalized seven times in four years.  I can’t even imagine.  Thankfully, she found a new GI doctor and now practices the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.  Follow along for her gluten, dairy, soy and refined sugar free recipes she shares.

Alexis’s Gluten Free Adventures
Alexis was diagnosed with celiac in 2008 and started her blog in 2013, when she took a 3 year break from her teaching career.  Alexis and her family now live in California and you will find her sharing restaurant reviews, recipes, and product reviews on her website.

All Things Gluten Free
Samantha is a gluten free blogger and Instagrammer based in Boston, MA that was diagnosed with Celiac in 2012.  She has a feature post on her IG feed every Thursday, using the #AllGhingsGF.  Make sure and use the hashtag for a chance to be featured on her account!

Cinnamon Bun Pancakes by All Things GF

Alli’s Appetite
Alli was diagnosed with celiac in 2013 and has worked hard to feel comfortable with her new food lifestyle.  She continues to learn every day about dining out and various food related activities and is excited to share her wisdom with you.

Apples for CJ
Stephanie is a certified personal trainer and former accounting professional.  When she was laid off, she decided to finally fully pursue her passion.  She hopes to inspire others to stop thinking about it and just do it!  Her blog was created as a way to explore living a life without gluten.  She shares gluten free, vegetarian, with no added refined sugar recipes, fitness tips, and anything else related to healthy living on her blog.

Bless Her Heart Y’all
J is a southern girl at heart, living in Atlanta.  Her website creates healthy, gluten free recipes for busy families that don’t have enough time, money, or expertise.  She has celiac disease and wants to help those in the same situation that are searching for tasty recipes straight from her southern farmhouse kitchen.

Breezy Bakes
Brielle loves finding herself in the kitchen, is an avid health nut, and believes in moderation in all things.  Her daughter was diagnosed with celiac and it turned her baking world upside down and since has been seeking ways to implement a gluten free life for her family.  She shares all kinds of recipes on her website.

Casey the College Celiac
Casey is now a grad student that knew more in her life had to change than just her diet after her diagnosis with celiac.  She writes about life with celiac, product and restaurant reviews, and tons of gluten free (and often vegan or paleo) recipes.  She advocates for celiac disease, college student rights, and those living with food allergies.  You can also find her sharing delicious looking photos on her Instagram.
Veggie-Loaded Blueberry Pie Smoothie Bowl by Casey the College Celiac

Celiac and the Beast
Erica is the managing editor of Gluten Free and More magazine.  She was diagnosed with celiac in 2009.  She doesn’t really love cooking, so she uses a lot of gluten free products to get through her day.  You will find her reviewing products and restaurants, speaking often as an advocate of celiac, and she even has a new book out!  Make sure and check out her website or visit her Instagram account.

Chronically Gluten Free
Angela writes about her changed life as a result of going gluten and dairy free.  Having a desire to always help people, she decided to start her blog to write about her life with an autoimmune disease.  You will also find her posting about amazing gluten free life over on her Instagram account.

DC Gluten Free
Stephanie is a gluten free blogger and Instagrammer based in DC that was diagnosed with celiac in 2015.  After she was diagnosed with celiac, she decided to make the most out of the situation and show you the best in gluten free!

Fruity Pebbles Cheesecakes by DC Gluten Free

Flippin’ Delicious
Brianna is the voice behind Flipping’ Delicious.  She always loved baking and cooking and it now has become a lifetime passion of her to make gluten free taste better than anything she has made before.  You will find her sharing her delicious recipes on her website and over on Instagram.

Fork and Beans
Cara created her blog as a space where people with dietary restrictions could not only feel normal, but also find that eating without certain ingredients could still be good.  In 2011, she found out that she was allergic to over 12 foods, with dairy and gluten being at the top of the list.  She strives to share the tastiest gluten, egg, and dairy free recipes on her site.

Arielle is a blogger, but mostly an Instagrammer. She is a Zipkick + Foodietribe @huffpost & @Miabites Contributor.

Gluten Free Alchemist
Follow Kate along on her journey to understanding the whole new world of gluten free cooking, as she documents a journey through experimental baking and new recipe development.  Her daughter was unexpectedly diagnosed with celiac at the age of 6.  Kate has made it a mission to ensure that her daughter never has to miss out on what other people are eating.

Gluten Free Follow Me
Jackie has celiac and has a website full of over 2,000 eateries, products, and recipes mostly focused on NYC and LA.  Her website is fully searchable for all kinds of great GF finds!  You will also find her on Instagram.

Search Gluten Free Follow Me’s Website for Hundreds of Restaurants

Gluten Free Global
Georgie is a celiac, nutritionist, and health journalist.  She is an Instagrammer, where she posts about recipes and GF finds from around the globe.

Berry Smoothie Bowl by Gluten Free Global

Gluten Free Go To Guide
Jennifer Harris, is the Gluten Free Go-To Guide.  She consults with businesses on their desire to make gluten free options available to their customers.  She is there to guide you through every step of the process and take the guess work out of the journey.

Gluten Free Guru with Hannah
Hannah was diagnosed with celiac disease shortly after graduating from college.  She writes about her experience as a celiac for The Huffington Post and you can find her posting on Instagram as well.  Hannah is based in NYC, so you will often see her eating her way through the Big Apple!

Gluten Free with Jess
Jess is a mama, wife, coffee lover, special education teacher by day and a gluten free food blogger by night.  Her recipes are easy to prepare and delicious enough for anyone whether you are gluten free or not!

10 Minute Toasted Oat Granola by Gluten Free Jess

Gluten Free Mom
Alex has tons of resources about GF living, including recipes, tips for travel, reviews of gluten free products, etc.  I love the travel section of the site that has loads of information available about certain cities!  I used to live in Seattle, but was not GF when I lived there, so I love her Seattle section!

Flying Apron in Seattle by Gluten Free Mom

Gluten Free on a Shoestring
Nicole makes gluten free food and teaches others how to make it affordably.  She was one of the first people I started following when I had to adopt a gluten free lifestyle.  I have her cookbook and adore her recipes! My all time favorite go to of hers is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake.  I have made it for numerous people on their birthdays.  Since I maintain a 100% GF kitchen at all times, no one get a glutenous cake anymore and thanks to this recipe, that is super easy!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake I made a few years ago using Gluten Free on a Shoestring’s Recipe

Gluten Free Palate
Chrystal Carver is the recipe developer and writer behind Gluten Free Palate.  She started developing gluten free recipes in 2009, when her daughters tested positive for non-celiac gluten intolerance.

GF Vegan Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies by Gluten Free Palate

Gluten Free Traveller
Laura is Scottish, but living in San Francisco.  She has a wealth of information on her website for navigating travel with celiac disease, as she is an avid traveler!  She also has tons of great recipes, products, and restaurant reviews.

Gluten Freedom Inc
Rachael hails from Toronto and has been living with a severe gluten intolerance since 2013.  She loves to provide people with a resource for dining, cooking, traveling, and living a gluten free lifestyle.  Rachael is the co-host of the podcast This is Vibe Tribe, with new episodes every Tuesday.  She is an editor at the Feed Feed, a YouTuber, and can be found on Instagram.

Gluten is My Bitch
April is someone with celiac that is confident she can give gluten the ass-kicking it deserves.  She wrote a book Gluten is My Bitch and has also gotten into the space of supporting the younger generation, so her latest book is Bake Sales Are My Bitch.  I appreciate her humor and candor tremendously in this space.

Paola is the voice behind Gnom-Gnom, where the goal is to create delicious recipes from scratch, with real food and no artificial additives.  This website is all about easy and clean cooking.  She was diagnosed formally with celiac in 2013 and this led to drastic changes and experimentation for her in the kitchen.

Mexican Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies by Gnom-Gnom


Jenny was diagnosed with celiac in 2012 and is now a holistic nutrition and wellness coach.  She not only has experience with the gluten free lifestyle but also the nutritional qualifications to confidently help others on their journey to live a healthier lifestyle.  She is the founder of the Denver Blogger’s Club, a group of nearly 200 food, family, lifestyle and local interest bloggers living and working in the Denver metro area (which I personally cannot wait to join when I move back home).
Iowa Girl Eats
Kristin was diagnosed with celiac in 2013 about six months after having her son.  She shares quick, healthy, and attainable recipes on her blog, as well as travels from all over the world.

Legal Nomads
Jodi has been traveling the world since 2008, when she quit her job as a lawyer, thinking it would be a short sabbatical.  She is a celiac and learning about food helped her to navigate her travels with less anxiety.  Food became her obsession and the best way she knew how to connect with others.  Check out her website for extensive resources about traveling to numerous countries with celiac!

Ms. Modify
Kristina is a cooking lover, Pinterest obsessed, reality TV watching, pilates loving girl who happens to have celiac disease.  One day she decided celiac was no longer going to have control over her and she made a promise to change her diet and her life, while celebrating and embracing all that she has been given in order to start living each day to the fullest.  Follow along as you watch her journey, with her contagious attitude!

My Gluten Free Guide
Laura is based in London and has extensive information on her website about living and traveling with celiac disease.  You will find her hanging out on Instagram as well, where she posts incredible photos of recipes she has made or restaurants she has discovered.

Spider Web Chocolate Tartlets by My Gluten Free Guide

No Bread
Nicole launched No Bread in 2014 to give diners a convenient resource for ordering gluten-free food and drink in New York City.  Since she started, No Bread has expanded to LA, San Francisco, and D.C.  She now includes the best in gluten free products and beverages, health & wellness, travel, and more!  You will also find her hanging out on Instagram and posting about all her amazing finds!

Picture by No Bread of Juicy Spot Cafe in NYC

No Gluten, No Problem
Pete and Kelli are a husband and wife team behind No Gluten, No Problem.  The blog focuses on diverse from-scratch recipes, in-depth gluten free reporting, and tips for living a happy, healthy, and active gluten free lifestyle.  They have been gluten free since 2007, when Pete was diagnosed with celiac.  They have taught gluten free cooking demos, seminars, and webinars for numerous organizations.  They are both from Colorado – which I’m slightly biased of, since this is home for me 🙂

Blueberry Hand Pies by No Gluten, No Problem

Sheena was diagnosed with celiac in 2010 and 18 months later, her son was diagnosed as well. Sheena creates all kinds of wonderful recipes on her website, and focuses on simple weeknight meals.  You can find beautiful pictures of her recipes on Instagram as well.

Nurture my Gut
Ester is a loving wife, busy mom, blogger, and holistic health coach living in LA.  She is obsessed with teaching people how to make delicious and mouth-water gluten free/Paleo friendly foods that nurture your hut.  She is all about making healing foods taste awesome.  

Paleo Gluten Free Eats
Kaylie turned to a paleo diet in 2011 at the beginning of her battle with chronic illness.  At the age of sixteen, she was diagnosed with mono, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, leaky gut, two blood disorders (thalassemia and pernicious anemia), depression, a pile of allergies, and later Hashimoto’s Disease.  Kaylie creates beautiful recipes and shares them on her blog and on her Instagram.  

Juli is a native to my beautiful city of Denver, Colorado! She is obsessed with food and how food makes her feel.  She eats paleo, writes cookbooks, blogs, hosts a podcast, and coaches CrossFit.  Paleo and CrossFit together has completely changed her life.  You will find her sharing all of these things on her website, along with her love for fashion.  Check out her Instagram as well where she is constituently posting the best of all of these things!

Hawaiian Pizza Salad by PaleOMG

Poor and Gluten Free
Danielle started her website to talk about living gluten free on a budget with her husband, and foods that support a local and sustainable food system.  She is also an author, and historical romance novelist with a small publishing house.  She mostly shares allergy free recipes, and frugal DIYj projects.

Stay Gluten Free
Paola Anna is a girl from the Midwest that grew up with a love of food, fashion, and fun.  When she discovered the benefits of a gluten free diet, she could not keep her mouth shut.  She discovered her gluten sensitivity in her mid twenties and later became a mom to boys with food allergies.  Her website focuses on recipes that do not require you to spend hours in the kitchen.  Check out her site for a go-to resource for all things gluten free.

Sprinkle of Vanilla Sugar
Zoe and Mia are twins, sisters, and best friends.  The first thing they ever made were “Vanilla Sugar Cookies” which created the name of their website.  Their kitchen has become a laboratory for testing new recipes and ways of maintaining a clean eating diet.  They are passionate about cooking nutritious dishes that taste amazing!

Pumpkin Donuts with Maple Almond Butter Glaze by Sprinkle of Vanilla Sugar

Tasty Meditation
Jessica is a NYC gluten free blogger that leads the NYC Celiac Disease Meetup Group, which is the largest gluten free Meetup group in the world.  She is a foodie that is in love with her kitchen.  She was diagnosed with celiac in 2011 and was determined to make a positive change in her life.  You’ll also find her posting amazing recipes, restaurant reviews, and giveaways over on her Instagram account.

The Bite Sized Celiac
Erika is from my hometown of St. Louis!  She is a celiac living in the city of Chicago.  She is on a mission to be an advocate for celiac disease and help those find an answer.  You can find her sharing her gluten free food on Instagram as well as on her website.

The Gluten Free Blogger
Sarah is the voice behind The Gluten Free Blogger.  She is a celiac living by the sea in North Devon who is passionate about health and fitness, loves lifting weights, and practicing yoga so she can eat plenty of pizza and donuts.  Follow along to see all her gluten free recipes, reviews, and her journey of living a healthy life.

The BEST gluten free millionaire’s shortbread recipe in the world by The Gluten Free Blogger

The Gluten Free Suitcase with Alexandra
Alex is a journalist and food devote living in SW London.  Prior to figuring out she could not consume gluten, she had skin problems, a permanently upset stomach, headaches, and hair loss.  She was sick and tired of getting unexpectedly “glutenated” so she decided to communicate with all those that could not consume gluten about eating.  She shares her gluten free finds and what she hoards in her gluten free suitcase on her website and over on Instagram.

Gluten Free Eclairs from Helmut Newcake by The Gluten Free Suitcase

The Savvy Celiac
The Savvy Celiac is all about empowering smart people to become savvy celiacs.  Amy’s daughter was diagnosed with celiac at the age of 15 months  in 2000 and her brother was diagnosed in 2008 at the age of 40.  Her website is aimed at not just celiacs, but anyone that is embracing a gluten free lifestyle.

The Site Seeing Celiac
Nicole was diagnosed with celiac in 2011 and prior to being diagnosed had visited 18 countries, with no plans to stop.  When she was diagnosed with celiac disease, she wondered how she was supposed to travel.  Her blog is dedicated to those that want to make the leap to travel somewhere, but need a hand.  She encourages you to reach out to her if you have questions about traveling gluten free!

The Site Seeing Coeliac
Rachel was diagnosed with celiac in 2009 and since then has traveled to over 20 countries.  She wants to share her wisdom with others.  She is based out of Central London, where she regularly eats out and shares her tips both on her website and on Instagram.  Being diagnosed with celiac disease has not stopped Rachel from traveling and she hates to read about people that are afraid to travel.  She has learned to embrace the challenges of being a celiac and hopes to share her journey in order to help others.

The Trekking Cat
Cathy is a California native, residing in the Bay Area.  She is a young profession who believes in traveling the world while keeping up with a demanding, yet rewarding career.  On her website, she says she has no sponsorships, no bank of Mom & Dad, and no quitting her job is needed.  She shares her gluten free finds while traveling the world both on her website and on Instagram.

There is Life After Wheat
Follow Celeste and her passion for cooking and her amazing perspective on life.  She writes not only about the journey of going gluten free, but also the power of attitude (which I personally love!) What started as complete overwhelm with her husband’s allergies to wheat and various other foods, has turned into a positive journey for Celeste and her family.

This Vivacious Life
Chandice shares her true, authentic, and vivacious self on her blog.  She shares all kind of delicious gluten free recipes on her website, along with providing lots of authentic joy in an often negative world.  She believes life is too short not to enjoy it with those you love most.

Gluten Free Gingerbread Men by This Vivacious Life

Tumbling Gluten Free
CJ created her website to explore travel, celiac safe restaurants around the world, and build an identity beyond disease.  Her website is full of personal recipes, budget tips, eating well and safely with an autoimmune disease.  She is also a certified nutrition consultant and works directly with schools, restaurants, and individuals to aid with celiac disease awareness, safe food handling procedures to avoid cross contamination, and to give parents and educators the tools they need to thrive as celiacs.  She writes regularly for both educational institutions and businesses.

What the Fork
Sharon is the voice behind What the Fork.  She has always loved writing, baking, and cooking, but went gluten free as a result of her husband getting sick from eating gluten.  She creates recipes that she tries to make as easy as possible.  In March of 2015, she started a series on her website called How To Tutorials, that are aimed at some short-cuts and how to save yourself a bit of money since gluten free can be expensive.  You can also find Sharon sharing her beautiful pictures of recipes over on her Instagram account.

No-Bake Chocolate Chip Breakfast Balls by What the Fork

Heather lives in a historic small town in West Virginia.  Her websites shares her experiences and resources for anyone that wants to feel their best without compromising on flavor in their lives.  She is a recipe developer, who approaches food through a creative lens.  She has a book out called YumUniverse and it covers WHY, HOW, and EATS for people who want plant-inspired, gluten free inspiration for life.