Welcome to For Gluten Sake! 

I know that I was completely overwhelmed the day I was diagnosed with celiac disease and still remember exactly where I was when the doctor called.  Driving the underpass on Mississippi Street in the left hand turn lane waiting to turn onto Broadway in Denver.  I hung up the phone and the tears streamed down my face.  I swore it was the end of my life.  And in many ways it was.  The end of my life as an exhausted, depressed, terrible skin, full of diarrhea, hours on the toilet self.  It was also the beginning of something truly beautiful.  The new life that I was given as a result.  It was the beginning of a life that I am now grateful to live each and every day.

Since being diagnosed with celiac disease in 2011, I have learned to cook confidently and travel freely.  I am on a worldwide quest to help those living with celiac disease and gluten intolerance have the ability to live full and free lives!  I want to be the resource that I never had.  I have always wanted to help and done everything I can to help those around me and now I want to use my voice in the this fight.  You are not alone.  It will get better.

Please follow me as I travel the globe and review restaurants, bars, coffee shops, grocery stores, and provide the very best resources for gluten free living and travel.  I believe our healthiest selves are our best selves!  Be free for gluten sake!