Living in Korea, aka the land of FRIED CHICKEN, BEER, and SOY SAUCE has made me crave my amazing, GLUTEN FREE finds in Denver.  Seriously, Denver is such a mecca for the gluten free life.  I long for the convenience of grabbing something on the go.  Although I am settling into my food routine here, I miss the gluten free food scene in Denver oh so much.

The Mile High City is not only one of the coolest cities around, but also a dream come true for a celiac. Little did I know when I “settled” down in Denver over 7 years ago (as I sit here typing from Korea) that it would be one of my best life decisions.
I bought my first place in Denver, Colorado prior to my celiac diagnosis and although I am on a brief hiatus from my favorite city around, I cannot wait to return to the city that has truly made living a gluten free lifestyle beyond easy.

It is going to be incredibly epic to return back home and see HOW much has changed as well.  Denver now has dedicated gluten free eateries (100% GF places), along with almost any spot in town that can accommodate those with the the need to go gluten free.

Have a look at my Gluten Free Denver Travel Guide here, that has THIRTY recommendations of places to eat around town.  I’ll be continuing to update and if you have a place you are dying to have added to the list, drop me a line!

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