When I first was diagnosed with celiac disease, beer tasted like shit. Or worse, not quite sure, I haven’t tried shit before and don’t plan to. But, it was that bad. 

People often ask me what foods I miss most since being gluten free. Food? I don’t miss much. Burgers, tacos, donuts, pizza, waffles, noodles…you name it, it has all come a long way and I can find a gluten free substitute for pretty much any food I’m craving. Finding a substitute for every food I’m craving in Korea now that’s a story for another day. #expatproblems


Now that it what I miss most since that extremely panicked day finding out I could no longer consume what so many take for granted (gluten). The amazing news on this front is that gluten free beer now not only doesn’t taste all that bad, it actually tastes good. For reals. Like your non-gluten free friends will want to join you for a pint of the gluten free stuff. I think the mark of something truly wonderful in the gluten free world is when your glutenous friends give it a huge thumbs up.

We have definitely arrived there in the world of beer and now there are at least NINE 100% gluten free breweries in the USA!

Earlier this year, I took a course with Ryan Robinson, who teaches entrepreneurs to build businesses through in-depth content, guides, courses, and a podcast “The Side Hustle Project.” His course, 30 days to validate, inspired much of what is currently my website and my quest to deliver the best in the world of gluten free and mental health. To say he has been patient and encouraging with my progress would be the understatement of the year. I recently re-read a post of his “60 Top Entrepreneurs Share Best Business Advice and Tips for Success” and find myself currently working through this sentence:

“Becoming successful in business is more about your mentality, psychology and determination than it is about finding little tips, tricks, hacks and exploitations in the marketplace.”

I can’t help but thank Ryan and the hundreds of others that have played into my evolution as a person and leader. Investing in relationships in business (and life) is something I thankfully learned early on in my career and has paved the way for enormous doors that have opened for me. Ryan is a new Denver resident, so I look forward to grabbing beers with him at Holidaily Brewery upon my return to America in 2018. To my many Colorado connections, make sure and pay Karen and the Holidaily Team a visit on your way to or from the mountains!

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Know of another 100% gluten free brewery in the US that I didn’t include? Or some outside of the US? The list of 100% gluten free breweries outside of the US is up for a guide soon, so shoot me an email at: forglutensake@gmail.com.

Cheers to the gluten free beer revolution!

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