Sometimes we get in our own way.  We let fears, hangups, or distractions take over.  Or sometimes we have different priorities.  And I’m learning to get really honest about what my priorities are and be ok with them without excuses.  I wanted to move to Korea more than I wanted to do a lot of other things in my life.  I let my plans of creating my gluten free guide fall to the wayside this summer.  Packing up your life in two suitcases, finding renters, and moving half way across the world can be a tad bit time consuming.  Who knew? 🙂

I am finally pulling the trigger on my gluten free guide!  It is a project that I am still very passionate about and working to make it even better, with my delay in getting it out.   This version will have links to over 150 100% GF establishments throughout the world, 2 weeks worth of recipes, GF tips & tricks, & much more!

I am seeking YOUR feedback on this guide.  I solicited feedback early on and received oodles of great suggestions, tips, and personal stories of what would be relevant to include.  Now that I am trying to include more and aim this not only at the newly diagnosed celiac or transitioning gluten free gal or guy, I’d love to hear from you.

I’m doing a giveaway and one lucky winner will receive the hilarious book “Gluten is My Bitch” by April Peveteaux.

To enter, head over to my Instagram and follow the rules in my post!

Read the information about the guide (link in bio or right here) & fill out the feedback form linked at the bottom of the info guide or right here.

Anyone in the 🌎 is eligible. Must complete steps by 11/12/17 at 9pm Korean time for giveaway.

The book is on pre-sale between now and November 18, 2017 for only $10!  Click here to grab a copy!

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