Today I will be starting a new series that I will bring to you each month: 3 Thing I Love About Korea.

Starting in 2016, I really started to focus on gratitude.  Life truly is a beautiful mess.  Our attitude determines so much and more and more I truly believe that our energy and vibe attract our tribe.  I feel like the saying has been used ALL over the place, but I do believe it.  So I have been intentionally focusing on gratitude the last two years, especially in some fairly dark times.  I also have taken some inspiration from Tim Ferriss and his morning journal.

In no particular order, the 3 things I love about Korea for this month:

1. Samgyeopsal, aka pork belly, aka Korean BBQ

Eating out as a celiac in Korea is not the simplest.  Korean BBQ is a life saver and my current go to!  Much of the Korean dining experience is about sharing food with friends, so this meal is perfect.  The restaurants abound in pretty much any city in the country for samgyeopsal.  Depending on the restaurant and if it is all you can eat or not, you will either fill yourself up with sides or a waiter will bring them to you.  You will grill your own meat and anything else that you choose to put on the grill.  My favorites are putting garlic and onions on the grill.  I then like to take a piece of lettuce and put my pork, garlic, and onions in it and eat it like a lettuce wrap.  So delicious!

2. The Coffee Culture

I have been a coffee addict for years.  One of my best friends and I used to meet almost every day at a coffee shop before work when we were in our early 20s.  It was in the answering machine days and we would meet around 5:30am, so if one of us didn’t show up, we would call and yell into the answering machine until said person (often me) would get out of bed.  I loved it.

Something magical inside my soul comes alive in coffee shops.  I spent 4 years as a barista/supervisor at Starbucks and couldn’t get enough of the coffee culture.  I feel like it is in my bones.  My favorite part of the day is the early morning.  The newness of the day.  The fresh perspective.  And the coffee.

Korea has more coffee shops than anywhere I have ever seen.  It is crazy good.

3. Outdoor Gyms

The weather has continued to be absolutely beautiful.  I love getting outside in the fall and Korea has proven to be the perfect place to do so.  There are outdoor gyms everywhere in this country and I adore them.  Some are bigger/nicer than others, but you don’t have to walk very far to find one.  I love going for runs and stopping at one along the way, or intentionally running to one and ending my workout there.  It also helps that I live right off the river, which has a pathway along it where tons of people flock to bike, run, and walk.  People are incredibly active here and it inspires me to continue to opt for outside!

My favorite time lately to get outside for a run has been at sunset.  This view has become one of my favorites that is only a few blocks from my apartment.

How are you finding gratitude in your day to day life?  I would love to hear the ways that you practice gratitude and how you have found it changes your outlook.

Stay tuned for next month’s post on new ways I am finding ways to love Korea!


  1. Those outdoor gyms are so great. They have them in Mexico City and it is a great way to work off all of the Mexican food!

    • I couldn’t agree more! I saw a lot of them in South America too. I am obsessed!

  2. Carrie! I love this! This is going to be so fun for you to have and look back on the memories and your growth!!! Korea looks amazing! I know whenever I start counting my blessings you can’t helped but feeling so grateful! We have so much to be thankful for. Love you friend. Loved reading this and seeing the pics!

    • Glad you read! Yes, remember the “2016 Blessings Jar”?? Maybe you can recycle and start over again using that in 2018! It is definitely an important lesson to keep learning over and over again. Miss you and love you!