It’s TIME for my EPIK announcement. I have been a bit quieter on social media and definitely this blog and it’s because I am moving to 🇰🇷 SOUTH KOREA 🇰🇷 and could not be more excited for this bucket list item!  It truly is an EPIK announcement, as I will be teaching English through EPIK (English Program in Korea).

Most of my friends from California know that I almost did this 7 years ago. I had LASIK and moved to COLORADO instead. I’m so grateful I did. I have tremendous friends, own two properties, and have a beautiful life in Denver. But after quitting my job, traveling through South America and having my heart broken, I still had the itch to live abroad and teach. Teaching abroad and living a year without a has always been on my bucket list. It has been a lot of hard work to make this happen, but I’m thrilled it is finally a reality. And I couldn’t be more thrilled that this is happening now and not seven years ago so FOR GLUTEN SAKE is moving to Asia.

It was a LOT of work to get everything tied up before leaving, but I am grateful for amazing friends, tenants in both of my places, and everything coming together in a way that truly felt like this was the right decision at the right time.  I mean I literally kept meeting people EVERYWHERE that had lived in Korea.  No exaggeration.  One of my friends always jokes that it is the 6 degrees of separation from me and sometimes, it feels so true.  I met a girl whose good friend is going to Korea a month after I will be there.  She used the same recruiter.  I met a guy that lived in Ulsan, South Korea for two years.  I sold my TV stand to a guy whose wife lived in South Korea for two years.  I have a friend from home that is doing consulting work in Seoul, South Korea for the next year.  The list goes on and on and on.

I’m heading out of LA on a red eye flight tonight to South Korea, where I will have two nights to rest before jumping into my new life in Asia.  I will have orientation where I will meet all the other English teachers and then head to my new city of Ulsan, South Korea.

I will write more in the coming days of my EPIK new adventure and all the thoughts and process that went into deciding on this, including really taking to heart numerous books I read last year such as Tim Ferriss and the 4-Hour Workweek.  I have never been good at “conventional” living and what others say I “should” do at certain ages, so I’m continuing to listen to my heart and live authentically for what I know to be the best choices.  It is so much easier to listen to the “shoulds” and follow what others (whomever they are) say you should do.  It would have been so much easier for me to talk myself out of a move at the age of 35 that most people doing this program will do at 22.  But I know this is right am trusting in myself to enter into this new journey.  I refuse to live a life of “good enough” in terms of small dreams and small risks.  So many are content with their jobs that pay the bills and provide “security” whatever that ultimately means anyways, because nothing is a sure thing.  I believe in order to have BIG rewards, we have to take BIG leaps.  And I know this adventure will be one that will change my life forever.  I am so excited for gluten free living in Asia!

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