I was a guest on The Gluten Free Fellas Podcast and it was so much fun!  Daniel has been gluten free for over a decade and it is always so much fun to connect with another celiac.  There are so many things about the celiac life that are often hard to understand or explain, unless you have the autoimmune disease yourself.  I mean who can understand diarrhea as well as a celiac?!  Honestly, not sure many can.  I literally have had so many times driving where I’m convinced if I get pulled over for driving too fast I will simply tell the officer I will shit my pants if he doesn’t let me go.  Honestly.  Thankfully it has not happened, but it certainly might one day.   Take a listen here.

Connecting with other celiacs and others living the gluten free life has been such a gift.  It really nourishes my soul.  Until there is a cure for this crazy autoimmune disease, there is no way to navigate, except to maintain a gluten free lifestyle.  It can be hard.  It can be frustrating.  It can feel so restricting.  It can be full of super entertaining stories, many of which include a celiacs reality of those stories including diarrhea.  Thanks, Daniel for allowing all stories on your podcast!

Yet, the gluten free lifestyle can also lead to tremendously, life-altering breakthroughs.  I mean serious 180 type changes in your life.  It has for me.  And I know it has for so many of you.  I’ve started to hear your stories and your changes and I cannot wait to continue this journey with you.  I will continue to share my story.  Will you?

My hope for this space and the future of this space will be connecting with others.  Technology is crazy.  I hate it.  I love it.  I love to hate it.  It allows us to connect in a way like never before.  That is unreal to me.  The number of celiacs and gluten free foodies I have connected with already on Instagram in a short two month span has been incredible.  Thank you!  Thank you for inspiriting me.

Authentic living is what inspires me more than anything.  Live your life in an authentic way.  Cut through the bullshit and be YOU.  I am working hard to allow this space to be a place where I connect with others through gluten free living, and honestly the sky is the limit from there in my opinion.  I have already connected with people I never thought possible.  Thank you interwebs, Instagram, and various platforms that have already allowed me to meet such amazing people.  Keep on keeping on!  This is only the beginning of what the future holds.


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