What would you like to see in this guide?

I am working on a new gluten free guide.  The goal is to provide the basics of gluten free living by creating a step by step process of how to being your journey back to the best, healthiest version of yourself.  Have you recently been diagnosed with celiac disease or are you trying to go gluten free for other reasons such as fatigue, skin problems, arthritis, or simply the hope of feeling healthier?  I would love to help you succeed in the transition!

I have been working diligently on this product and received fantastic feedback from a number of you.  So thank you!  I will walk you through the initial steps of going gluten free and helping to take the overwhelm out of your new diet.  There will be numerous sections in the guide, including what not to eat, what to look for on labels, and some super special sections that I’m beyond stoked about!

I would LOVE your input on this guide!  I will be pre-selling it before it actually goes on sale & it will be offered at MORE THAN 50% OFF!  

If you are interested in helping provide input to this gluten free guide, please sign up for my newsletter and/or email me at forglutensake@gmail.com.  I would love to hear from you and help provide a great resource for you and those that you work with!  #befreeforglutensake

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