What are you waiting for?  Life is messy.  Life is complicated.  Life is challenging.  But life is an adventure!  The older I get, the more I realize how much my mindset determines everything.  I want to start my day with the adventure piece and realize the other, much, much, more negative pieces are often there but do not have to overpower my day.  Our days become our weeks and our weeks become our years.  Fear is a terrible motivator and I refuse to live out of fear.  Will I fail?  Will I have enough money? Will I meet the right man?  The “will I” statements of life keep us stuck and unable to move forward.  I decided years ago that I would not conform to the world’s standards of success and markers.  Honestly, I think I have always been this way or part of me has always been this way and the older I get, the more I learn to embrace it and live into my true, authentic self.  What do I want?  Who will I be 5 years from now?  Imagining the possibilities gets me excited about the road ahead.  I can try something and throw myself into it.  I can go one direction and if it doesn’t work out, I can go a different direction.  We all get the same 24 hours in the day and I want to make them count.  It is much easier to take the mindset that life is happening to us versus the standpoint that we have choice and power and influence over what we create.  Will I create a life of purpose and meaning?  Will I create a life of adventure?  Will I contribute something meaningful to this world or will I sit around and see what cards are dealt to me?

In my adult life, I have turned into an action person.  Maybe I always was really.  I was always the kid helping others with their homework.  Talking on the phone for hours helping with math problems and trying to take action.  This is no less true for me today.  I respect introspection, deep conversations, debate, and authentic people the most.  Yet, I also value action based people.  There is something about the dreaming piece of life that has never quite fit the mold for me.  I want to dream more.  I want to believe bigger dreams.  I really, really do.  But inherently I am the action girl. I  am the girl that will help you move.  Will do your dishes.  Will bake you a cake.  And if you talk a good talk and do not follow through on your word, I lose respect for you very quickly.  I’m not quite sure where all of this developed in me, but I am extremely careful with my words.  Obsessively so in terms of telling friends I will call them, do something, etc.  If I say I will do something, I want people in my life to be able to trust I will do it.  So I do my darnedest to 99% of the time always follow through on my word.

My ramblings are random today, but they are thoughts I have been mulling over as I figure out HOW to leap…how to put one foot in front of the other and keep going with ideas and dreams that I have that do not fit the American mold.  The 9-5 American world has never been my forte and might never be.  Never say never though, because things change.  Life changes.  I enjoyed it for a bit….or pieces of it, but in general it has never been me.  Safety and security are what many crave, but I find I need to be challenged.  I need to be uncomfortable in order to grow.  I do not personally want a static life where things are on autopilot.  This website and my new life in 2017 is a result of these truths I hold to be true.  I value simplicity.  I value change.  I value unconventional life.  Not everyone does and that is completely fine.  The fact that I value these things is also completely fine.  We need all of us in this world.

For Gluten Sake, along with some other business ideas I have may or may not make it and that is ok.  Much of it will depend on whether or not I truly believe the ideas are worth it and I invest myself into them or not.  Because I believe we CAN succeed if we have a strong enough WHY.  Part of building this site with the subtle tagline of “be free for gluten sake” is because I believe in freedom.

What is freedom for you?  What does it look like hour by hour for you?  What does it look like a year from now?  It certainly looks differently for every single person on this planet.  You are you and you are unique and wonderful.  How will you build a life of freedom and purpose?


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