Healthy, gluten free breakfasts are often extremely hard to come by (for me at least).  Let’s get one thing straight.  I do not eat eggs.  I do not cook eggs.  For anyone.  No family member, no boyfriend, no friend, no one ever.  I bake with eggs, but I will not eat them as is unless they are baked in a pie, cookie, brownie, etc, etc.  Anyways, I digress.  Back to our topic of healthy breakfasts that are gluten free.  I will be putting in many thoughts and opinions on this because there are a numerous number of considerations.  Do you need it for on the go?  Do you need it ready first thing in the morning with no prep time?

A few of my current go to favorites:

  • half of an avocado (drizzle balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper)
  • brussel sprouts and bacon
  • bacon wrapped dates
  • sweet potato hash
  • vegetable hash of any kind
  • gluten free pancakes, if it is the weekend and you are not Whole30ing or some other type of paleo-ness
  • gluten free oatmeal, again if you are doing grains
  • dried mangoes (Trader Joe’s has my favorite that have no sugar added)


Gluten free pancakes are a favorite weekend activity of mine, depending on the goings on of the weekend and definitely not every weekend, but sometimes you just need some delicious gluten free pancakes in your life!  My favorite brand if I am going to buy a mix is by far Pamela’s.  If I am feeling lazy, I will use Pamela’s and then either add some cinnamon or chocolate chips.  You can really come up with any variety that you would like!


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