Work With Me

Hello!  I am Carrie, a gluten free blogger and instagrammer from Colorado, but now living in Korea!  I was diagnosed with celiac over 6 years ago, so I know quite a bit about the gluten free life!  I am super passionate about helping others adapt to a gluten free lifestyle.  I love sharing new products, restaurants, and any type of gluten free find!  I love to travel and have several travel guides available by city.

Get in touch with me to find out more or to tell me about a new product, restaurant, cafe, or destination that I must try! I collaborate regularly with fantastic brands, restaurants, and gluten free friendly hotels, and destinations seeking to connect with a gluten free audience.

I love working with companies and brands in order to help spread awareness on living a gluten free lifestyle!

If you are interested in working with me, please email me at

How we can work together:
Advertisements – please contact me if you are interested in advertising on my website.
Brand Ambassador Programs – if you are looking for representation of your brand online, in person at brand events, and/or in publications, I would love to talk to you.
Brand Travel and Events – I am available to represent brands, visit destinations, and provide posts featuring the destination, the accommodations, the food, the adventure, etc, etc!  For many with dietary restrictions, travel seems impossible and I would love to help.  I have extensive experience in both domestic and international travel. I am working hard to allow people to feel at ease while traveling with gluten free needs or other dietary needs.
Consulting Services – I am available to consult in the field of gluten free lifestyle and travel including general travel consulting, itinerary planning, recommendations, etc.
Sponsored Posts – my website is available for sponsored posts.
Interviews – related to celiac and the gluten free lifestyle, mental health, the importance of food, and a myriad of other topics.
Sponsored Conference Attendance – I love attending conferences to find the latest in gluten free.
Reviews & Giveaways – I am available to share a review with my readers if a product is a natural fit.  
Freelance Writing
 – I am available to write articles for your publication or website.

If you have a different suggestion of how we might work together, please e-mail me! I am always open to ideas and would love to discuss!